VPS Hosting Meaning

A normal website requires only a basic shared hosting to work. However there are many scenarios where a shared hosting just doesn't work for you. One of the most important reasons come in the form of resource usage. Your website scripts or plugins may sometimes use resources beyond limit, or your website might get slow due to some other websites present in? the same server, or your website gets heavy traffic which cannot be handled by a shared server. Then the next step that anyone would look at, and what the hosting providers would recommend is a Virtual Private Server (VPS).


What Is A Virtual Private Server(VPS)?

VPS is a type of Web Hosting, in which a customer gets the feel of owning a server of his own with all dedicated What Is VPS Hosting?resources like CPU, RAM, space etc, where as he actually is getting just a part of a big server. I will state it with the help of an example. In a previous post, we compared shared hosting to an apartment where the residents share the resources like swimming pool, parking lot etc. On the other hand, a VPS can be compared to a villa, where you get all resources like parking space for your car, place for your kids to play and other amenities all dedicated and private to you. Each such villas will have similar private spaces. The only thing that they share in common is the entrance, and the land where the villas are built. Let me explain.

A VPS can be considered as a small server that resides on a big server – like a single villa built on a vast area of land. There will be many such small small virtual servers inside the big server.? Physically, there is only one server, but virtually the server is divided into many small VPS, each acting as a separate server. The user gets a feel of owning a single server, and also gets full control of it.? Thus, VPS can actually be termed as a dedicated space in a shared environment and combines the features of both shared hosting and dedicated hosting.VPS Hosting Meaning


Who Chooses VPS?

These days, VPS hosting plans have a higher demand than any other plans. It is normally chosen by people in the following situations.

How VPS Works?

Above, I mentioned that a VPS can be considered as a dedicated space in a shared environment. So, how is this achieved? Let's read more.

There are a lot of virtualization technologies present these days, which helps in creating VPS. You buy or rent a physical server, and install any virtualization platform on top of it, and this piece of software lets you divide the server into multiple VPS, based on your requirements. The software which helps in creating VPS that way is called a hypervisor. Some examples of such software are xen, vmware etc. You can define how much disk space is to be allotted, what is the amount of RAM and the number of CPU cores to be provided, what Operating System is to be installed etc and the software will create the VPS for you, with all these resource specifications. There are various types of virtualization – like some allow the VPS to run its own kernel, while some others shares the same kernel as the physical server. It simply means that, if the main server is using linux, some types of virtualization will let you create VPS with any operating system of your choice like linux or windows while some others allow only linux VPS to be created. From a user's point of view, this is not a major concern, unless you are a technical person. All you need to be aware is regarding your VPS only, and not the underlying architecture. Hence, we are not getting into? the technical details here.VPS Hosting Virtualization


VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting

In what all ways, do a VPS combine the features of shared and dedicated hosting? That is what is explained below.

It is a general trend to upgrade from shared hosting to VPS hosting. VPS acts as an intermediate layer between shared hosting and dedicated hosting, providing the features of both at an affordable rate to customers.? Those who need a little more resources than shared hosting, but do not require high specifications often choose VPS. Those who can spend a little more than shared hosting, but cannot afford a dedicated server can also choose VPS.VPS Hosting vs Shared Hosting vs Dedicated Hosting


Just like shared hosting, in VPS hosting also you do not need to be bothered about any hardware specifications or hardware issues that might come across, as it is just a part of the server that you are renting out, and the hardware issues needs to be taken care of by your support team. However if you own? a dedicated server, you are responsible for everything about the server.

Like in dedicated hosting, you get complete control over your server. You get full root access, and can do anything you want and install anything you like in your server. Most providers also give you a control panel through which you would be able to start/stop/reboot your VPS, just like a dedicated server. Dedicated servers will have KVM or IPMI to remotely access the server when it is down, and VPS control panel will mostly have a virtual console to access the server and correct the problems if VPS is down.

Like in shared hosting, the resource usage or attack towards another VPS on the same node as your VPS, can sometimes cause serious issues to your VPS as well. However it depends on the underlying virtualization technology used and also doesn't happen always.

Like in a shared hosting, if the provider uses the node for overselling, and accommodates more VPS than it can hold, it will lead to issues like VPS inaccessibility.

Advantages Of VPS Hosting



Disadvantages Of VPS Hosting


Managed And Unmanaged VPS Hosting

I stated above that there are two types of support available for VPS plans.? Which are they?Managed vs Unmanaged VPS Hosting

How to Choose a VPS Hosting?

Purchasing a VPS is easy. There are a lot of providers, you can sign up with any one of them. However there are a few factors you should consider while choosing a provider and their plan. Given below are a few such things to consider.

Recommended VPS Hosts

After considering a lot of hosts, and based on our experiences with most of them, we have created a list of our recommended hosts. They are given below. You can also read reviews about those hosts at our review section. Most of the hosts are running discount coupons for customers. The coupon codes are available in our “Hosting Coupon” sections.VPS Hosting Recommended

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